Milagros Scholarship Fund A Project of Around Boulder County

What do we do?

The Milagros Scholarship Fund offers financial assistance to Latina graduates of Boulder High School who have limited sources of scholarships to fulfill their desire to further their post-secondary education. Recipients are awarded scholarships to attend an accredited educational institution, either full- or part-time. Thank you for your support in making miracles come true for these worthy candidates.

Your Impact!

"I think differently in terms of what my life is going to be about after I graduate. For example, when I first began college I saw the future far away and thought to myself that it would take many years to finish school. Now I feel like I can do anything. I'm close to finishing my Associates, having people help me has given me hope and enthusiasm to finish school." ~Milagros Scholarship Recipient

  • Since the fund's inception in 2007, 22 girls have been able to attend college. Without the Milagros Scholarship, they would never have dreamed of doing so.
  • The Milagros Fund scholarships give students increased motivation to graduate from high school and continue on to post-secondary opportunities.
  • High school graduation rates for students eligible for the Milagros Fund are close to 100% vs. Boulder Valley School District's overall estimate of 70%.
  • 67% of the recipients are first generation high school graduates and 94% are first generation college attendees.
  • 100% of the recipients have a professional mentor.

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