We live in a world where fear and shame surround brain conditions.

We are creating a world of openness and hope where neurodiversity is a clear advantage in work and life.

Open Labs Fund A Project of Around Boulder County

Open Labs

1 in 5 Americans have a brain or mental condition. Yet, for most Open Labs members, this is the first time they have been in a room with people who are open about their brain condition. That number increases twofold when looking at entrepreneurs and creatives. Open Labs is removing those feelings of isolation and loneliness so members have the community, structure, and support they need to live openly and help others like them.

We do not turn anyone away because of an inability to pay for our programs and events. Even though many Open Labs members are now thriving with brain conditions, for many of them, the cost of past and ongoing healthcare, exceeds their ability to pay for Open Labs.

We need your support to finish building a sustainable business model that creates a future where Open Labs' members have a supportive community before these healthcare costs occur and can have the hope they need to thrive in their workplaces and lives.

Creating solutions for brain conditions without the intimate knowledge and uniquely creative minds of those who live it is like building an airplane without knowing how to fly.

- Labs member

Questions about Open Labs? Please email us at give@sigmend.com.

How can you help?

  • Donate above! $500 provides one scholarship to a neurodivergent Labs member or neurodiversity ally to attend Open Labs events for one year.
  • Give via Check: Please make your check payable to the "Community Foundation Boulder County" and include "Open Labs" in the Check Memo section.
    • Please mail your check to: Attn: Open Labs, Community Foundation Boulder County, 1123 Spruce St, Boulder, CO 80302

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